The Sessions


Every company is different, so why look for a cookie cutter solution to grow or establish your brand? 
Well, friend that is what I do. There are several ways to interact with me, not my assistant, not an online

Interested? then keep scrolling I will show you what I have to offer.



Business Muse

This is an encouraging, brainstorming, energy packed one-on-one for established entrepreneurs that need inspiration for their next business idea or venture. 2-hour session to bring forth ideas and concepts to propel your brand or business.


Business BluePrint

This VIP Day focuses on creating a plan for your business operations. For new entrepreneurs or ones adding another product or revenue stream. Your branding story done in one session. Fonts, color schemes, research, logo mock-ups, website maps and more done. The most challenging part to starting a business


Monthly Retainer

Accountability when you need it. Knowledge and guidance readily available.