Increase productivity with these simple tools

Hello Luv,

I have been trying to create systems that allow me to quickly create content, schedule social media and share it so, I can move on to helping clients. I have seen an increase in the productivity using these tools. Yep, I actually use the tools I am about to tell you about. Most of us that are solo-entrepreneurs fail to map out an effective plan of action to get things done quickly. These tools can help you get started so let's get to it!


I know this is not a NEW app, but I don't think we as entrepreneurs are using it to its full potential. I use Evernote for my daily bucket which includes my to-do list, shopping lists, voice-to-text memos, and email templates. You can also do text-to-speech notes, use it to keep track of business cards, and as a catch all for your life. I love this app for the fact that it erases clutter from my purse and life. I no longer jot down notes on random pieces of paper, everything is kept in cute little notebooks on my phone that are searchable! Voila!

Google Drive

Another favorite of mine. This beauty allows you to share documents, spreadsheets and pdf files with your customers or team. I find this very easy to use and share with my assistant so she has access to posts or creating documents for me. You can access your files from your phone, tablet, or computer. The beauty of using the app on your phone, is that you can dictate blog posts on the go!


Now I know Buffer has been around for a while but I think individuals are still not taking advantage of this FREE social media tool. Now, buffer will even suggest content for you. I mean...that is a no brainer!!! For those days when you have no idea what to post or you just want something juicy to put up, it is right there for you! Actually, because of the suggestion tool in buffer is how I discovered the next tool.


I stumbled upon CoSheduler when I posted a suggested post from Buffer. Nicole from CoScheduler connected with me through twitter and let me know that there was a free trial. Being me I signed up and WOW, this is not another editorial calendar, this is not another scheduler like hootsuite. CoScheduler actually schedules posts and social media through wordpress! The added bonus is that you can send out social media messages hours after the posts is live on your blog. I am still playing with all the neat features during my 14 day trial.


For all my creatives out there Dropbox helps us share large files, like images, to someone else via their email address. Plus, it is FREE and you get more space the more people that you refer to the site (great marketing on their part)! But, you really don't mind because it is a great product.

So there you have it, what I use to blog, schedule social media and manage my chaos, to create my processes! These tools increase my productivity what tools increase yours?