How to Wear a Bodycon Dress to Work

bodyconHow to wear a bodycon dress to work and have it look appropriate. Bodycon dresses are very on trend right now, unfortunately they are not always the best choice to wear at work. These are some of the more overtly sexy  dresses that tend to show up after 5 not 9 to 5. This type of dress beautifully accentuates every curve and comes in a myrid of lengths and colors. So here are my 3 ways to wear a bodycon to work and be that Chic Executive instead of an epic fail.

  1. The Vest - You can add a long line vest over your bodycon to break up a pattern like the one I have on in the above picture. I added a studded belt to accentuate my waist and break up the look. I kept the heel simple with a patent leather pointed toe.
  2. The Blazer -  Try a fitted blazer (belted or not) over your bodycon. The trick here is using a solid color blazer over a printed bodycon or vice versa. Feel free to try mixing prints but it depends on what you feel comfortable wearing to work.
  3. The Shirt - Try taking a button down shirt and wearing it over your bodycon. This turns your dress into more of a skirt but if you have a wild print a solid color collard shirt will tame it. Add a belt to create an instant peplum top with a blazer or vest and voila understated sexy.

Hope you enjoyed these tips, please leave a comment and share this article if you have found it helpful!