How to cleanse your face (the right way)

How toHello Luv, I stumbled across this Into the Gloss feature on Pinterest and I was stunned!!! This made me rethink how I cleanse my face. I am getting up there in age and should take better care of my skin, that is why I have started to blog about beauty products in hopes of motivating me to do better in my daily routine.

So, here is the video and the link to the feature on Into the Gloss 2-part video on how to properly Cleanse your face and how to use moisturizer.

How to Clean your face: Part 1

How to Clean your face: Part 2

All I can say is thank you Emily Weiss for interviewing Isabelle Bellis (NY facialist). This video has changed the way I cleanse and moisturize my face. This has also made me look at my skin in a different way.