Casual Chic - Patterned Shoes

Casual Chic - Patterned Shoes

Casual Chic - Patterned Shoes by toya-styles featuring a pink tank top

Hello Luv,

I know we all are getting ready for Spring and Summer. I love transitioning my fall clothes to extend their usefulness. One way is to wear your denim jackets in the spring with a cute tank. Cut up a pair of well worn jeans and add a patterned heel. A great heel can add texture and interest to a otherwise meh outfit. Don't worry if the shoes do not match exactly as long as they go and you feel like a vixen! Step out of your comfort zone and try a neon pair of stilettos or a textured wedge!

There are plenty of inexpensive patterned heels that look great! Check out Zappos,, Zara, Amazon and Target for some cute finds.

What heels are you ready to wear this summer? I wanna know!