5 Signs you need a break

5 SIGNS YOU NEED AHello Luv, You know when you reach that precipice, when you need a rest, a break, a spa day. Most of us have several balls we are juggling. Kids, work, home are just a few! Think about what you really do in a day or a week. Your planner is full of things for the husband, for the kids, for your business or work, for a charity...but where is the MeTime? We forget to schedule that!

So here are the 5 Signs you need a break:

1. You start snapping at everyone! I now you have had this happen. You are working on something, anything, you have this to-do list in your head and you are focused (stressed) to get everything done. Then someone interrupts your progress and you become a dragon lady? Sound familiar?

2. You become forgetful! You are so busy that small things fall through the cracks. Like details for your bosses flight. You start making mistakes overlooking details.

3. Food what food all I need is coffee! You go through white chocolate mocha's with double shots of expresso to the point that the barista knows your name and has your brew ready for you prior to you getting in line. Houston we have a problem!

4. To busy for dinner? You cancel ALL social engagements. No dinner with friends, no dates with the hubs, your social life is non-existent. Your excuse? "I am busy"

5. You break up with the gym.  You haven't seen the gym in over 3 months. Having a proper gym routine is healthy! Even if you work out at home Shawn T. hasn't been getting air time in awhile.

If you have any (or all) of these take a day for you. No husband, no kids, no work, and no friends just you. Relax do something you want to do. It could be as simple as sitting in bed watching old movies or reading all day. Whatever you choose make it your time. You will come back more refreshed and focused!