3 Secrets to a Posh Networking Wardrobe that will be Remembered

3 Secrets to a Posh Networking WardrobeWe all know first impressions are incredibly important, I don’t care what people say looks matter in business. You can stand on that soap box if you want to and be absolutely forgettable. When you are networking you want to be remembered. Now this is not where you close a sale, this is where you make a lasting impression through networking, so when you follow up with potential clients they actually remember you! This is my goal this is the foot in the door.  Here are my 3 secrets to acquiring a tantalizing wardrobe that will help you make a lasting impression.  

  1. The Fit - If you read my blog posts you have soon realized I am the tailor’s advocate. The majority of us simply buy clothing off the rack as opposed to custom-fit.   These generic items of clothing are created from a flat pattern. You, on the other hand, are not flat.  The logical conclusion is that you cannot expect off the rack clothes to fit your body perfectly.  A tailored suit is your best weapon.  Everyone should have a neutral colored suit in their closet as a staple of their business wardrobe.  A custom-fit suit that is made specifically for your body will not only fit like a dream but accentuate your best features as well as make you look thinner.  Pants should be properly hemmed to an appropriate length so they do not drag on the floor, darker jackets emphasize a smaller waist, and all these are examples of details that people pay attention to.  The difference in the custom-fit and off the rack can change your business look from sloppy to sophisticated and leave a lasting impression on future clients.
  2. The Color - Let’s face it, everyone cannot wear every color. It is important to learn what colors work best for you; I personally cannot  wear yellowish greens. Taking the time to pay attention to this detail makes all the difference. People will subconsciously or consciously react to your appearance, so lets not distract them with bad color combinations!  You always want to steer clear of garish colors that might overpower you and distract from establishing a connection with the other person.  While I do believe in having a pop of color in every ensemble, the outfit itself should not be the pop.  By this I mean start off with a neutral colored suit (usually dark but a cream suit is sharp in any occasion) and the pop of color can come in two ways: shirt or accessories.
  3. The Flair - I know you are having an “Office Space” flashback but I promise this is not as corny. Once you have the fit and the color down, next comes flair. The flair, in essence, is a conversation starter but in essence it is just your personality made tangible. It could be as simple as a gorgeous red lip or an ornate hair clip. Something that catches the eye above the chest like a pair of vintage earrings or an adorned lapel pin. Why is this a secret? Think about this... when attending a networking event you encounter many people, some of which you remember the interesting ones, especially specific details about them such as their turquoise earrings or fire-engine-red hair. So be rememerable!

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