3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs make with Profile Pics & How to fix them

Hello Luv,

How is everyone? Are you getting ready for the holidays? Honestly, I am not ready. It seems Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year. Now on to the good stuff.

While accepting connections on my LinkedIn account, I found many profiles that the pictures were sub par. Some individuals even had pictures of other people or pets as their profile picture. I was amazed that these were business owners and founders of charities. So, I put this list together on mistakes we make (I have done one of these as well) when picking a profile picture and what you should actually post.

1. Not having a profile picture - This my friends is a big no no. If you are promoting your business than prospective clients need to see that there is a real person behind the brand. Having a picture increases the likelihood of engagement, in other words people will not think your business is a scam.

2. Not adding a picture of yourself - I get it that you have a brand and you want that logo on there instead of a picture of you. In this instance create a company page put the logo there and put a picture of you in your profile. Again, this adds a level of legitimacy to you and your company.

3. Bad/Unprofessional Shots - You know these pictures, if not here they are; blurry, nightclub shots, shots that have people cropped out, bathroom shots, shots with too much information, shots with heads cut off, shots of drinking or smoking. I know that is not all but you get the picture. Think of your profile picture as your company's first impression. If you were a potential client (or employer) would you be inclined to click on your profile? Would your profile picture set the tone for your business?

Well now that is done, let's look at what your profile picture should look like.

1. Make sure your picture is clear - Hire a professional photographer to take some headshots of you. Let him/her know what they will be used for (I have created a pinterest board of professional and creative headshots just for you! click HERE), ask for digital copies with out a watermark. Take several different shot in different outfits to get more use and then you can rotate them out every couple of weeks.

2. Look at the camera and smile - In your headshot be engaging, I love seeing someone smiling it lights up your face. Creatives such as photographers, designers, graphic artists have a little more flexibility then executives or other business owners. Their profile picture needs to show what they do and send a message.

3. Body language - Keep your body language open, try not to cross arms unless you are leaning into the frame. Again, If you are a model, designer, or other creative you have more flexibility with this then executives. A designer can use a profile picture of themselves sewing, this sends a statement and your audience knows exactly what you do.

4. Color choices - Stay away from bright patterns or colors that will take away from your face. People want to see you, so keep it simple. Make sure you wear a color that works with your complexion and doesn't wash you out.

5. Get them done regularly - New head shots do not have to be taken every month but at least twice a year or if you change something about your appearance.

I hope these tips have helped you in creating a better profile picture. If you have anything to add then leave comments below. Remember, most profile pictures are small so make it about you and showing your brand.

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