3 LinkedIn hacks to boost your business network


Hello CEO's,

To some of us LinkedIn is just a virtual resume and to others it is our money maker and lead generating platform. LinkedIn is first and foremost a networking mainframe for the professional (like grown up facebook). People find and post jobs, connect with like minded individuals that are in their industry and join groups to learn and share. I am a lover of LinkedIn who tries to use it to attract my ideal client. I have came across several hacks that will quickly help you improve your profile and reach without buying the upgraded membership.

1. Check in every 2-3 days! Why do you ask, because with a FREE account you can see up to 5 viewers who have checked out your profile. This is important because you can invite them to connect with out knowing their email address.

2. Create a personalized LinkedIn url on your public profile. This is important for the same reason you have a business email address it shows that you care about your business. This also makes it easy for people to find you.

3. The App has all the power. Ok I do not know why this happens but if you try to connect to 2nd and 3rd tier connections on the LinkedIn app (on your iPhone, droid or iPad) you will bypass the required email settings. I know crazy, but it works!

Now, go forth and connect!