Styling for an event like portraits takes some planning. Thanks to Aaron Musgrove the photographer, who made this whole morning fun and easy. Bee Jamison for sticking by me to keep hair and make-up in order. And my assistant at the time Cait Hassett for running around for me. Without the team behind the camera the pictures would not have made it.

Portrait (event) Styling is another form of styling that professionals don’t think to hire a stylist for. Corporate headshots, interviews, conferences are all events that a professional will need a stylist to put their best polished foot forward.

Portfolio of Shoot


Event Styling

I did these pictures for the back cover of my book, to use in promotions and on my website. Many coaches and business owners need pictures just like these to grow their brand. Figuring out what to wear to send the right message is my job. Contact me today to style your event!