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I have had the opportunity and privilege of working with Toya on a few occasions and have been extremely pleased with her work. Not only was her work beyond measure, I also gained some knowledge on the industry and trends. As an entertainer, my wardrobe must always be trendy and breath-taking when I stand in front of an audience. Toya Styles has helped me establish and maintain that goal. I have personally found that incorporating an expert reduces stress and risk of a major disaster. Keeping this card in my wallet!!
LaKresha, MTM Model & Industry Professional
I am very particular with whom I associate my brand with and I have come across a lot of people who say one thing and do another. Ms. Toya was spoken highly of, and i researched her work and it was amazing as well. I finally got a chance to meet her and we worked on a few projects together, she has referred my services and now she is stuck with me. Her professionalism, genuine spirit, passion and driver are seriously poured into her work ethic and I LOVE IT!. She will always be a partner, client, and friend. I would and will refer her services continuously!
Ms. Nickee Mack, Owner Diva Day International
Toya helped me restructure my entire wardrobe to help fit MY personal lifestyle…a Mom who wants to stay up-to-date with fashion…AKA a Stylish Mom. She is very professional yet makes our appointments fun and I’m excited to work with her again!
Brandi, Esthetician